Sunday, November 18, 2012

An NETT Wedding and a Brunch Run Brings New Faces

Well the big news in NETTland this week was Chris and Adrienne's wedding Friday night. It was a great event and we're very fortunate to count both Adrienne and Chris as members and friends. Congrats! Of course it was a rare chance to catch a few Mini Ponies without mud or sweat on them.

Sunday was back to our normal schedule of runnning and eating. Frank and Tina hosted one of their beloved brunch runs, with some new faces (and tails!) coming out to meet the NETT gang. As always, it was a family affair--parents, kids, grandparents, kids not yet arrived, family pets, you name it, they were there! Thanks as always for hosting, F&T.

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New England Weddings said...

Congratulations for both of you. I wish you happiness in your wedding day and for the rest of the days, months and many years to come that you're together.