Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 in Review: Quite a Year!

As we prepare to close out 2012, we in the NETT news room thought we’d take a look back at what was really a remarkable year for our little band of runners. We had some new faces join us, we had some great racing results , we had some great social events, and we dedicated it all to Hannah’s memory.

Here’s a few of the highlights:

In February, we welcomed Danyson to the NETT family and he’s been an active and popular member since.

In March, we launched our own Facebook page and it’s been growing and bringing NETT news and photos to cyberspace in a way we could only have imagined. Huge Kudos to Eminem for her work on this in addition to everything else she does for NETT. Where do we FIND these people? (In the bathroom line apparently?)

April saw one of the most successful NETT weekends in a long time. On Saturday, Mary and Adrienne went 1-4 at the Merrimack Trail Race. On the same day, one of our original Mini Ponies finished her first half marathon! And on Monday, a stable of Mini Ponies were ready to run the Boston Marathon on what would turn out to be one of the hottest Bostons on record. But thanks to some added inspiration and an angel on our shirts, we made it Copley Square in a LOT better shape than most.

In May, NETT came out in droves to help support the Wellesley 1 Miler race which raised money for the Hannah Randolph Memorial Fund. Yes, it was a huge success thanks to the many NETT members who came out to volunteer and run!

Also in May, two teams of NETT members won their categories at the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon. We finished 1st in the mixed open relay (out of 493 teams) and first in the two-person mixed masters relay (out of 72 teams). Oh, and Karyn finished the full race and then a crew of NETT v 2.0 crushed the Vermonster too.

In July, sure we ran some races, but Frank and Tina’s Ice Cream Run was the real highlight. In fact, HUGE thanks to F&T for all of the brunch runs they hosted this year. Their hospitality and generosity is really one of the things that NETT members enjoy most. On behalf of all of us THANK YOU!

In August, NETT hosted another successful Chamberas XC Race. Thanks to NETT’s crew of volunteers we raised a record amount of money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Hannah Randolph Memorial Fund. It’s always great to see so many folks come out for a good cause.

In September the Wings team captured 13th overall at the Reach the Beach relay, our highest finish ever. And later in September, the Mini Ponies stampeded into the GBTC XC Race in Wellesley with a record number of runners (11 men in the men’s master’s race alone!). There were longtime Mini Ponies and new faces flying the NETT colors and it was a great sight.

In October, things got even busier. The Mini Ponyettes won the women’s race at the Wayland XC Race, while the men were second. There were a couple stellar individual performances as well, with NETT-South’s Molkie finishing his first 50 miler while NETT newcomer Zack just blistered a 1:08 half marathon, establishing an NETT record for decades to come.

November saw an NETT wedding and a father/daughter Turkey King and Queen crowned.

And December topped off the year with an amazing performance by NETT at the Kickoff to Winter Double Header. On Dec. 8 NETT mounted an all-out assault on the Mt Hood XC Race, winning the men’s open, men’s masters and women’s masters team competition, as well as the individual overall title and we had our youngest finisher ever!
The next day, a swarm of more than 15 Mini Ponies swept the age groups at Walter’s Run 5K and enjoyed a great holiday brunch.

Overall it was a great year – a banner year – for NETT. We ran strong, we ran proud, and we ran with a purpose this year. Will we be able to top it in 2013? I eagerly await the answer to that question

As always Go Mini Ponies.


Frank Kjaersgaard said...

Woo Hoo for 2012. Looking forward to 2013.
Thanks for the recap of a busy year.

Karyn said...

Go Mini Ponies! Thanks, as always, to the King Crazy (or NLM as he's sometimes called) for keeping us all running. We couldn't do it without you!

Amanda said...

Thank you all for being so welcoming. I'm really looking forward to 2013! Wonderful write-up, Karyn. Thank you!