Monday, December 10, 2012

NETT Tears it UP at Walter's Run

In our second race of the Winter Kickoff Weekend NETT was all over Walter's Run in West Roxbury and all over the pastries at the post-race brunch!

First, the race. NETT brought 15 uniformed members and a few more friends and family also out on the course and cheering runners on as well. It was really a great showing but in terms of supporting a good cause and in terms of performance.

We won three age groups, placed second in another and third in one more. Count how many times you see New England Track & Trail in the results here.

The race was well organized by the host Parkway Running Club as always and RD Keith Shields leading the show. The money raised goes to three local charities: Globe Santa, YMCA of Boston Reach Out Program and the Walter Burgess Scholarship Fund.

Once all of our hard work was done it was time to eat! The gang made it back to Dave and Doris' place for a brunch we'll remember (mostly because we will have food from it for months!)

It was the capper to one of the best weekends in the 10 years of NETT weekends. It was great to see new and old faces, kids, parents, spouses, siblings, you name it this weekend.


Frank said...

Feel free to drop off some pastries.

Mary said...

NETT is listed 14 times in these results & 14 in Mt Hood - 28 stellar performances!! This deserves over 100 pounds of pastries.

Karyn said...

What Mary said.