Saturday, December 08, 2012

NETT Mounts All-Out Assault on Mt Hood

Overall race winner Zack Schwartz
1st Place Male, 60+ Marshall Randolph
2nd Place Woman, Masters Kristin Hall
2nd Place Male, 50+ Patrick McVeigh
3rd Place Woman Overall, Mary Pizarro
1st Place Team Men's Open (Zack Schwartz, Dave Hannon, and Chris Smith)
1st Place Team Women's Masters (Kristin Hall, Tina Wang, Karyn Miller-Medzon)
2nd Place Team, Men's Masters (Ryan Hunt, Andy Hall, Patrick McVeigh, Marshall Randolph, Jack Burke)
3rd Place Team, Women's Open (Mary Pizzaro, Julie McVeigh, Bridget)
And a boatload of nutcrackers!

I'd say that's a pretty successful day.

The NETT MiniPonies stormed the insanely hilly golf course at Mt Hood in Melrose in one of the most successful days in NETT history. With only three people required to score as a team and master's categories added this year, NETT came up with a "divide and conquer" strategy and it paid off. Masters runner Chris Smith and Crazy Dave rode Zack's coattails to the overall men's open team win. (It helps when Zack runs a 5:22 pace and gives us a huge lead).

The women's masters team just dominated their category, winning by almost 20 minutes. That's just pure domination. The men's masters team ran true XC style and put three finishers in 10 seconds, only losing to a very strong CSU eam.

And yeah, Marshall won the 60+ category by over a minute of course.

But perhaps better than anything, it was a classic NETT day, with spouses, kids, siblings, friends all joining in as well. HUGE thanks to Frank for babysitting all those kids so their folks could run the race. And for taking pictures.

And lastly, big thanks to Brian Slater and the rest of the Melrose Running Club for putting on another great event this year. A great feast, free beer, glasses, and, oh yeah, nutcrackers!

Now onto Walter's Run!


Frank said...

Cheers to a great NETT weekend - Day 1

Karyn said...

Wonderful day spent with the mini ponies!

Mary said...

Great Day & Awesome Weekend...but I'm glad the racing is over (at least for the weekend)!!

Mary said...

Huge CONGRATS to Bridget!! She was not only tied for the youngest racer, but also the youngest racer willing to commit to a team! Check out the other teams, see if you see any other 10 years olds...