Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crazy Dave Gives Peace a Tri

With the running results distinctly sub-par of late, I decided to move up my annual triathlon "experiment" this year and on a whim entered the Give Peace a Tri race up in Surry, N.H. just north of Keene.

Overall I give the race itself a 7 out of 10 rating. The location is very nice--a quiet (and warm!) pond with a nice beach at the start. Decent transitions (could have used a few more bike racks), bike course was nice and hilly and run course was fast (as in short). Post-race party was good--burritos for all! And a lot of peace-related literature and booths for us liberal types.

Drawbacks: they instituted an unnanounced race cap and I was literally the last person let into the race (had I been shut out after driving two hours at the crack of dawn Doris would likely have split my skull with a bike pump). But given the events down in Cohassett this weekend, I guess a cap is safer than allowing too many people and overcrowding the race.

For those interested, I finsihed top 20--I think--with a VERY poor swim time, a not quite terrible bike and the second or third fastest run split (unclear since they don't break out the transitions). Official results posted here. Unofficially, I had each of my transitions at about a minute so subtract a minute off both the bike (down to 24 mins) and run (down to 16 but I gotta figure that's a short course, 'cuz I aint runnin no 16 flat off the bike for 3 miles).

Also of note: The race was held in honor of Elijah Barrett, the Keene-area triathlete/trail runner/snowshoer/owner of Endurance Sports who's battling cancer right now. I'll work on getting the info for the charity and collect for an NETT donation to the regional cancer center he's at.

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