Sunday, July 15, 2007


I don't use a word like DOMINATE lightly, but three guys in the top five...1-2-3 on the bike splits (only three guys under 34 minutes on the bike, actually) and 1-4-8 on the run split? That's just what NETT did at the Mill City Triathlon in Lowell this weekend.

First and foremost, congrats to Paul Miller won the frickin thing outright with the fastest bike and run splits for the day. Toledo Joe had a phenomenal race finishing third overall with the second fastest bike split and fourth run split. And Jerry De Zutter finished 5th overall with the fifth fastest SWIM and third fastest bike split!

Toledo Joe and Jerry were also the first and second masters in the race too! Here's Joe's report:

"It was a really fun race, having all three of us up front for most of the race to motivate each other. Jerry and I were neck and neck (well, I followed him) on the swim, then we went back and forth on the bike. There was one guy up about 1 minute ahead of us on the bike. At about mile 8-9 on the bike Paul came up on us hard. I went with Paul and Jerry was just behind. The run was very hot, but Paul delivered his usual stellar run and caught the guy who was leading from the swim/bike. Jerry was close on me at mile 1 on the run and I picked it up a bit, knowing Jerry was within striking distance kept me moving. Great race to battle it out with your friends at several points during."

Man, how much more damage can one trio do in a race than THAT? Fantastic job guys!
And NETT's new pal David Guertin did some damage as well, finishing in the top 20 as a VERY newcomer to triathlon...expect great things from him under Jerry's watchful eye.

But perhaps more impressive than their times and places in the race is the fact that they did the race in the first place--I mean, they were brave enough to swim in the Merrimack Riv-ah as we call it up in the Valley...makes the hairs on my neck stand up!

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