Saturday, July 14, 2007

NETT lifts off BalloonFest 5K and Indepdence 5K

NETT took two of the top 12 spots at the Hillsboro Balloonfest 5K in New Hampshire Friday night. Big Ben continued to show improving speed and made an improvement over his time from last year finsihing in 19:09, good for 12th place. Crazy Dave finsished 6th in an unimpressive 17:10, managing to hold off all babyjoggers and even the women in this run (new goals for races now).

It was a fun, low-key event for a Friday night. Unfortunately, despite the name, there were no balloons to be found--something about a balloon pilot's strike?? That certainly didn't keep the locals from getting high, however, as "ooh ooh that smell" was clearly present on several--yes several--spots on the out-and-back course.

Special thanks to Cindy and Doris for cutting the antiquing(is that a word) short to cheer us on!

Meanwhile on Thursday night up in Haverhill, Paul Young cranked out a sub-18 on the Indepdence 5K course, good for third master.

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Anonymous said...

thanks to dave for holding my purse while i used the porta john as the burly biker eyed him lovingly.