Saturday, July 14, 2007

Marathon Sports 5 Miler reviews

NETT and its "extended family" had some good results out at the Marathon Sports 5 Miler Thursday night in Weston. Young John Kinnee continued to represent well with a 29:22 for 38th place out of more than 800 on the fairly hilly course.

NETT Ponyette Adrienne Cyrulik rocked the new NETT ladies' shirt (see photo) and, of course, ran a very strong race as a result, finsihing 25th among the women, knocking out 7 minute miles on the rolling hills of Weston.

NETT pals Karen Ringheiser and Marshall Randolph uknowingly finished in succession--128th and 129th. Karen was 12th female overall and second in her age group. Here's her report:
"I had lots of fun at Marathon Sports Race. I ran it as a tempo run, since I already ran that day. It's a huge race, I had no idea. I ran slightly slower than my Carlisle and Concord 5 milers, 33:13, 6:39 pace. That's ok, I knew I was running on tired legs. Placed 2nd in age group."
(Note the great photo of Marshall in the CSU shirt tucked in behind Karen in her BAA blues...I think BOTH would look much faster with a Coyote on their shirts..just my two cents!) And Battle Road run stalwart Dima Feinhous cranked out a 31:48 for the course as well.

And NETT's Roaving Reporter Rick Cleary made his annual appearance at the Marathon Sports race and filed this report:

My wife Ann and I share the same birthday, 7/12. Yesterday, as we turned a combined 95, our birthdays coincided with the Marathon Sports five mile road race in neighboring Weston, one of the nicest and most popular events on the Boston running scene. Always held at 7 pm on a Thursday, the race features everything that matters to us: family friendly room for the kids to run around, a nice course, good organization, a Clydesdale division and great post-race food. (Something for everybody, from Domino's pizza to artisan breads, lots of fruit, ice cream, trail mix packets ... ) Ann and I decided that we'd both run and bring a sitter along to monitor the kids, who love the sand jumping pits on the Weston High track. Several of our friends who race only rarely also came along for the event.
The course is fairly tough; no big hills but not many flat spots and the last mile goes from road to cross country around the Weston High athletic fields. I'd run 34:53 last year and thought perhaps I could break 35 again this time. Ann was hoping for sub-50. Check it off as two goals met:

-I ran 34:38, a fifteen second improvement. If I could do that every year for another 10 years I'd be pretty good again. Might have been better if I hadn't bolted out the first mile in 6:23. I ran that mile with my long time running pal Greg McGowan and it was just right for him, a bit fast for me. It was a big field, almost 900 finishers, and I was 163rd. I was 12th in M50-59 and 8th Clydesdale (190 and up.) When you combine the two groups, I won the 50 and over Clydesdale division by four minutes. There aren't that many old gluttons who still train, I guess. Greg wound up 111th in 32:39.

(Here's Rick hard at work with his signature orange hat on)
-Ann ran 47:54 to place 688th in her longest run of the year. She started out quite slowly and wisely passed a lot of people later on; pretty much the mirror image of my race. We're confident we won the "Couples both running on their birthday, combined age 95 or more division." Ann's good friend and running partner Megan Kerr ran a little over 42 minutes and was well in the top half of the F40-49 group. Between us and Megan's family, we had four boys four and under along to spectate and they did a great job. Eddie and Megan's son Henry, also 4, ran half a mile around the track before we raced and looked pretty tired afterwards!

Probably my next goal should be to get under 190 and stop running Clydesdale division events, but since that's unlikely I just signed up for "The Big Man Run"; the race that incorporates hot dog eating and beer drinking, in September.

Looking forward to seeing lots of old running pals next weekend at a big High Noon reunion in Ithaca.


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