Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brunch Run Fattens NETT Ranks

We all had a great run and brunch at Frank and Tina's place today. The five-mile group sped around the Battle Road Trail while the longer group followed Frank over the river through the woods, quite literally.(Adrienne teaches the boys a lesson in common sense)

We had the usual stalwarts (I always hated that term--stalwarts--sounds like something you catch in a public restroom) along with some new faces coming out. While we don't keep very accurate records, it's likely the largest group run in NETT history. Everybody chipped in with the massive food spread, but special thanks have to go out to Jim D and his fam for the extra efforts on the food prep--what a great spread. This guy keeps showing up with piles of turkey, he's going to be in great shape because he's going to get invited to a LOT of runs.

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