Thursday, November 13, 2008

DimaD resurfaces—on Dorney Lake

Bad news for the runners in the U.K. Dmitry Drozdov aka the Russian Rocket has begun running again across the pond. He recently crushed the competition in a 10K around Dorney Lake near his home. Here’s his report:

“The Coyote shirt is running again. Too bad New England is abbreviated. I managed to run 10k under 33 minutes with almost no training. The second guy was around 35 minutes. This was a cancer research charity race around Dorney Lake which is the rowing venue for London Olympics. The place is 3 miles from our house.”

Where's Dima? Look for the biggest grin. WE know why he's smiling, don't we?

Congrats Dima. Great to hear. Dima makes friends so easily, doesn't he?

1 comment:

Frank said...

Great to see Dmitry wearing the NETT shirt proudly in the mother country (no not Russia).

The NETT Triathlon Gear has 'New England' spelled out.