Friday, November 28, 2008

NETT Thanksgiving Racing Roundup

There were Mini Ponies out at all turns on Turkey Day. Here's a quick rundown of some of the highlights:

First off, here's a report from Frank KJ out at the Stow Gobbler, in Stow, Mass.:

"It was a fast and flat 5K course that is actually closer to 5.1km than 5km. 500+ runners/walkers in its second year. I came in at 17:49, 7th overall, 2nd master. Jerry 18:02. 8th overall, 3rd master. Jerry claims I am now a professional runner since I am out of work. Personally, I believe the 3 years age difference is starting to show ;-)Tina 21:08. 8th overall, 1st in her age-group. Continues her natural talent for picking races at which to shine. Katherine De Zutter zipped along in 22:31, 15th overall, 4th in her age-group. She's definitely learning and improving each race with some guidance from here dad, Jim Jr. who finished in 26:37.,193rd overall; Jim Jr. keeps shaving off the pounds and the seconds.

After the race we headed over to Jim Sr's place for the traditional De Zutter Thanksgiving 5K run aka the Tri Town Turkey Trot."

Over at the Feaster Five in Andover it was Frank White in 28:33, Karyn M-M in 38:30 in the 8K and Karyn's sons Daniel in the 5K (21:33) and Noah (23:22), who took second in his age group of 283 kids!

Over in Somerville at the Gobble Gobble Gobble 4 miler, it was Crazy Dave in 22:23, Pat Dwyer a few ticks back in 23 flat and Chris Smith in 23:25.

And a late-breaking note from John Kinnee who ran the Ayer Firefighters 5K (which starts basically 100 yards from his door!): "The Ayer race went great yesterday. I finished 5th overall in 16:54. [John's friend] Halaina was the first woman in 18:30 and won by 1.5 minutes. I'm psyched to break 17 and I want to continue running hard for a while. When is the first BU inddor meet?" Talking BU meets already! Good sign for Young John.

Our pal Vlad Luppov popped up at the Thanks4giving 5 miler in Lowell, running 30:29 for 5 miles!

I'm sure there's more out there, so will post as I get time. Congrats to all. On to Andover!

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