Monday, June 01, 2009

Ludlow race another NETT success

Another weekend, another strong multisport showing for the NETT Coyotes, this time at the Ludlow race.

Martin Bures continues to improve his triathlon skills, finsishing 7th in his age group and 34th overall! Here's his report:

"It was a great day weather-wise, sunny, low 70s. I had a decent swim, a ride that needs lots of work and a great run. I am pretty happy with the results, though. I have tons of room for improvement. On a longer course with much more serious competition, I was consistently faster in each leg from the previous event."

And the rock-solid father/daughter duo of Jim and Katherine De Zutter were out as well (you could have a trialthon in your bath tub and these two multisport nuts would be there racking up points for NETT!!). Here's Jim's report:

"NETT was represented by Martin, who had a great swim of 11:07 for the ½ mile; 39:30 for the bike of 14 miles and a very quick 4 mile run of 23:23 the 7th fastest run of the day. His overall time was 1:16:37 for a 7th in a very competitive group. We picked up 3 GP points with that great effort. Katherine DeZutter continued her streak finishing first in the 19 and under group and picking up 8 GP points. Her swim was 13:49 it was her first open water race with a wetsuit followed by a bike of 44:33 and a run of 30:10 with an overall of 1:32:04. I followed up with my last race as a Clydesdale (hopefully) with a swim of 11:01 a bike of 35:38 including dropping my chain 2 times and a forgettable run of 35:18 and an overall time of 1:25:14 and 3 GP points. NETT remains in third place in the GP standings."

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