Sunday, June 21, 2009

NETT makes Webster Triathlon a family affair

How many men can say they spent father's day watching three sons and a granddaughter race a triathlon? Jim De Zutter Sr. Sr. can. Or how about watch his wife and two sons compete in their first-ever triathlon? Well Dr. Ron Medzon can. On this Father's day NETT made the Webster Triathlon a true family affair.

A common sight at the FIRM races this year, there was an all-out gaggle of De Zutters of all shapes and sizes mixing it up at Webster. Leading the charge was Jerry, finishing 9th overall and first in his age group, despite having a fierce battle with his wetsuit on the beach ("Why won'!"). Nice work Jerry. Next up on the De Zutter hit parade was Jim, clocking a speedy 1:17 for 4th in the Clydesdale division. Katherine was next, in 1:23 with a blistering run split, ousprinting her Uncle Phil by 14 seconds.

But the family fun doesn't end there, as the Miller-Medzon clan was out in full force, with three family members taking part in their first-ever triathlon. Huge props to Karyn Eminem for kicking butt in her first full tri, finishing 1:29, 6th in her group (with the second-fastest run split!).

And two relay teams benefitted from the Miller-Medzon gene pool as well as some other NETT bloodlines. Nicholas led us off to a phenomenal start in the water (12:24, would have been top-30 swim overall in the tri!). Old Fart Crazy Dave did his best not to drag down the kids with his 36-minute bike split (ugh!) but Noah made up for the Old Fart with a crushing 19:23 run split, bringing us back into 5th relay team overall.

And even Daniel M-M got in the act, by only throwing down the fastest relay run split of the day in helping his mom's friend (Lisa?) to a strong finish.

And beyond the NETT participants, there was plenty of family support with Frank and Tina, Jim Sr. Sr., Jim Jr. Jr and Dr. Ron out there cheering and helping out where needed.

NETT scored no less than 28 points on the day in the FIRM Grand Prix, to extend its third-place lead (we do it with quality more than quantity!). And Katherine still co-leads the individual ranking with one other person.

All in all, it was a great day and, in my humble opinion, was a great example of what NETT is all about.

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