Monday, June 15, 2009

More multisport success at USAT Jrs, Ashland

Here's another multisport update from Jim De Zutter:

"NETT was once again out on the race circuit this weekend. Katherine DeZutter was at the first race of the USAT Junior series in Hyannis on Saturday. The race was ¼ mile swim, 10 mile bike and a 3 ½ mile run. Katherine worked hard on the swim only to get stuck in her wetsuit and lost a lot of time on the transition. Once she got on the bike things settled down and she was able to catch the girls from the swim that passed her. The transition to the run was smooth and she completed the race in 1:09:20. Katherine placed first in her age group of 15 and under and was also the fastest female in the 19 and under.

I had the opportunity to run in the Ashland International Triathlon on Sunday. The rain was unbelievable, when I arrived at the race I was unsure if they were going to race or should I say I was unsure if I wanted to race. This was to be my longest full race to date. I decided to race and glad I did. For those that have not raced this race the swim portion is in a lake at the bottom of the hill about a 5-10 min walk from transition. That said the swim went of well 22.54 for 1 mile out of the water this is where it gets interesting, you have to run up this hill back to transition most people averaged 5-6 minutes this was a very muddy run and all uphill. After arriving at the bike things went well the 26 mile ride in the pouring rain was 1:12:30. The transition to the run was smooth thanks to Franks K transition workout last weekend. The run was a typical run for me any gains on the swim and the bike were now given back, 25th on the swim 26th on the bike and 146 on the run. Hopefully with lots of work it will get better.

I hope to see a great turnout next weekend at Webster Lake Firm Grand Prix event. Sign up is close to being closed so sign up soon."

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