Monday, June 01, 2009

NETT piling up the multisport points

A multisport update courtesy of Frank KJ:

NETT is doing exceptional well in the FIRM Grand Prix Series. After 3 races, 10 Mini Ponies have raked in 74 points placing us 3rd in the team series. To no surprise Katherine has a perfect score of 24 points winning her age group. Paul Miller's duathlon dominance helped out a lot. Also worth pointing out is that new names like Eri, Martin (see his Ludlow results below) and Jim Jr and Jim III have helped score points for the team already. Note: The FIRM site only shows 53 points; I am working to make sure we get credited with all the earned points.

Next up is Webster on 6/21 and Old Colony on 7/13. The Webster race will feature a "NETT next generation relay team" of Nicholas (swim), Jim III (bike) and Noah (run). For those not competing, come out on and cheer on NETT v 2.0! Some seasoned adult triathletes will have no idea what just flew by them on that run course. And Old Colony is expected to attract some "old" folks for the Indycar race course; the bike course is 4 laps on a flat 6 mile loop.

Let's keep up with the great races and results. Go Mini Ponies!

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