Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big congrats to Marhsall and Jack

Huge congrats to Marshall Randolph on winning the Eastern New England Trail Race Series (ENTRS) at the age of 61 years old and Jack Burke for toughing it out head to head with Marshall to finish second overall.

While the "official" results of the series have not yet been posted, ENTRS officials have confirmed to the NETT news room that Marshall and Jack will be 1-2 in the stnadings and each will win their age groups.

It was a long slog for both these trail monsters, beginning way back in April at the Merrimack River Trail Race (Marshall was a spry 60 back then!) continuing all srping summer and fall until the final race this past weekend at Bogie's Fells Trail Race. They raced more than a dozen races each, everywhere from Northern New Hampshire to Southern Rhode Island. They braved a rain and wind storm at the Edaville race, both knowing that precious points were on the line.

Despite being locked in a heated battle over the past 8 months, these two guys showed their class throughout and ran the Fells race together (although Marhsall points out it was pure strategy on his part thinking if he got lost on the course Jack could squeek past, so keep your friends close and competitors closer!)

We'll do a longer interview with both of these guys here as soon as we can get them to sit still for five minutes (after that much racing around New England, these guys are due for a long winter's nap, but don't bet on it!) But for now, please join NETT in congratulating these two trail warriors for a job well done!

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Frank said...

Who would have thought of that - material for a NBC human story segment? Congratulations on a great season