Monday, December 21, 2009

Smith's track attack creates three-way tie in Mini Pony Cup

By running his first track race since high school, Chris Smith scored an extremely valuable point in the Mini Pony Cup this weekend, crashing his way into a three-way tie for first with Jerry and Frank KJ.

The last-minute push by Smith comes after last week's scandalous exit of Crazy Dave and Jennifer Shultis. Just to be sure he was counted for his track meet, Chris ran both the mile and the 400 at BU this weekend, clocking 5:16 and 70 respectively. Not bad for a guy who hasn't raced on the boards since Reagan was president!

With only a week and a half to go, it looks very unlikely any of these three competitors will add points, but there is one more BU meet to score at which either Jerry or Frank could pony up to. And there are plenty of dark horses such as Eminem, who hosted a brunch in an effort to fatten up the rest of the competitors (or get them lost in a snowbank!) and Eri, who quietely has snuck into the top five.

Ironically, the original rules to the MPC stated:
"In the event of a tie, the judges (Crazy Dave, Frank KJ, Paul Miller and Jerry D) will make a ruling based on the person who moved the furthest outside their comfort zone. As with everything we do here at NETT, this is a fun, informal, low-key “challenge” and not a cutthroat competition."

However, since two of the judges are involved in the tie, and a third has been disqualified from the competition in a recent scandal, the NETT elders will appeal to Dr. Miller to break any such ties (I'm sure he can come up with a physics equation to figure it all out, right?)

More to come....


Anonymous said...

"What did you shoot today Ty?"
"I don't keep score Judge."
"Then how do you compare yourself with other golfers?"
"By height."

Frank said...

Expect me at BU this Saturday! HaHa

Chris said...

So if Frank races on Saturday he wins. Frank should not feel threatened that my father has a striking resemblance to Whitey (Bulger) and don’t worry if the boys from Southie want to measure you for a new pair of running shoes of the concrete variety. Competitive… no we’re not competitive.

Frank said...

Where's Dave when I need someone to take the bullet for me?
Never scared, never threatened - I have the Chinatown mafia on my side; I think