Monday, December 14, 2009

NETT cobbles together patchwork teams for Assualt on Mt. Hood

Big big thanks go out to Frank and Tina and Kristen and Andy for showing up on game day for the Assault on Mt. Hood XC Race in Melrose, on a day when a slew of Mini Ponies opted to stay in the stables. And a special thanks to Jack's better half Jenn, for coming through in the clutch...we owe her big time! Here' Frank's report:

Despite being haunted by cancellations leading up to the race, NETT still managed to do well in the team competition at Mt Hood. Tina, NETT’s recruiter extradionaire, recruited Jack's better half Jenn Levatino for the women’s race as well as longtime trail runner Mike Menovich for the men’s race just minutes before the race. This was Mike’s first race in ages but with his help Andy, Frank and Mike secured 3rd place for the men. And Jenn likewise helped the women take 3rd. The awards were some seasonally inspired Nutcracker – pretty neat.""

Again, big thanks to these folks for coming out and representing NETT when Murphy's Law pretty much over-ran our team plans yet again. Tina for recruiting like a pro, Jenn for stepping up and Kristen and Andy for being rock-steady lately. At least this time Andy had to work for his beer!

For more pics, vist the race site here.

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