Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Molkie Ties For the 8th Dirtiest German in Philly 50K (and Completes his Jedi Training)

Great news! Our pal Molkie checked in this week. He took a break from his musical pursuits and jumped into a 50K with great results, 8th overall, winning his age group. But perhaps most importantly, in this race he completed his NETT Jedi Training and achieved Jedi status, spreading the Force.

Here's his report:

"I did the Dirty German 50K today--how cool a race name is that? It was relatively spur of the moment, but I've been at a really good fitness level, and was not able to make Pinelands 50K as planned, and this one was under an hour drive away in a park in Philly.

It was gorgeous weather, a well-marked, mostly flat course with some really nice single track, again considering that it is in Philly. Anyways, I met a fellow Middlebury College alum before the race started and then bumped into her around 4 miles into the race, so we ran together the rest of the way and tied for 8th overall at around 4:23.

I got first in my age group and won this sweet weather house. Felt great the whole time, and we dropped around 5 minutes on the second lap and picked a bunch of people off (race was two 15.5 mile loops).

(Editor's Note: As always, Molkie is being humble about the role he played in pacing this girl. To read her side of this story, check out this blog post. (BE SURE TO READ THE COMMENTS ON THAT POST!) Clearly, he helped her a lot and made NETT proud by showing such a selfless attitude out there. The Jedi training is complete. The Force flows strong in this one.)

About the prizes:

According to the race director: these unique awards come from the Black Forest of Germany. They are German weather houses. They can predict future weather pretty much as reliable as "Glen Hurrican Schwarz" . Here is how they work: There is a gut string inside which reacts to all changes in air humidity. Depending on wether the air is dry or humid, the gut string changes it's position and twists more or less, so that the female turns outside when it is dry (predicting nice weather) and the male, when it is humid.

Congrats Molkie! Thanks for reprezentin' NETT down South!


Mary said...

Nice job Dave!! Her blog post is hysterical...I was cracking up at work reading about "Panther Dave Molk" :)

Frank said...

Nice. How about a photo of that filthy Dirty German.

The Girl said...

Pacee here.

It's true, Molkie selflessly paced me like a champ. I 100 percent would not have had the race I did without his expert running and motivational words.

And one correction to the title of your blog post: Molkie is not actually the sole 8th Dirtiest German in Philly 50k, but rather one of two. It's a shared title.

Mary said...

Looks like us Mini Ponies trained Dave well (while he was with us in New England)!

NETT said...

Dear "Girl": You are correct. I will correct the oversight--Molkie held true to the pacer's code. "You never--under any circumstances--cross the finish line before your pacee."

If you find yourself up in the Boston area, feel free to join us for a run.