Friday, May 11, 2012

Winning Ways Continue at Sudbury Tri, a Family Affair

The Sudbury Sprint triathlon was a family affair for NETT once again this year with an overall win, a relay win, a first-ever triathlon finish and more.

First off, big congrats to new NETT member Zoltan Varga who just blew us all away literally and figuratively with his unbelievable win. He covered a 400m swim, a 7 mile bike and a 2.3 mile run in 36:13. No, that's not a typo. Great job Zoltan! Welcome to the US!

While Zoltan might be a new member to the NETT family, there were a lot of other NETT family "members" (literally) out there doing damage. In the relay division, the Wang Dynasty has given way to the Chin Dynasty, as Nicholas and Frank won the relay thanks to strong, even splits to come away with 38:15. The only drawback was Frank now has become the target of an MSCPCA campaign to add motion detectors to racing bikes.

Also in the "family" department, Crazy Dave and Doris helped pace his niece Julie to her first ever full triathlon finish at age 13! Granted, Dave caused the equivalent of a rush hour traffic jam in the pool and almost had a stroke before making the final wall but he caught up with Julie on the bike leg and Doris joined them for the run.

There was more of the NETT family out there as well. The always jovial Big Al Prescott cracked the top 50 overall in 44:20 (six places in front of his US Senator, I might add) while his better half Judy cracked the top 10 in her division as well.

And old pro now (okay, not old, but an experienced triathlete, Katherine DZ finished 3rd in her age division (that'a a competitive field these days!).

Congrats to all! It's great to see such fit families representing us.


Karyn said...

Nice work NETT. But take it easy on the squirrels next time Frank. You don't want to get on their bad side right before trail season!

Mary said...

I was worried Frank ran over someone's cat or ankle biter dog. Nice work all!

Frank said...

Nick and I missed the chance for a podium. Maybe next year!