Saturday, May 05, 2012

NETT Continues its Winning Ways at Pipestave, Cure is Coming

The Mini Ponies are having a winning week and it's only Saturday!

In the Pipestave Hill 5K Trail Race on Thursday night, NETT took the overall win and put four men in the top 16 places! Dmitry Drozdov announced his return to the New England racing scene by running away with the race winning in 18:02. Chris Smith won the master's division in 18:45, while Crazy Dave and Patrick McVeigh each took third in their age groups.

It was a strong showing for NETT in the first race of the North Shore Trail Series.

And on Saturday, it was a strong showing for NETT at the Cure is Coming 5K for ALS in Lexington in the results and behind the scenes. Mary Pizarro continued her winning ways and won the women's race in a blazing 20:14. On the men's side, NETT recruit Zack Schwartz laid down a blistering race for second place, while the duo of Dmitry and Chris finished 4-5 to give NETT the top two master's spots. (Given his impressive results lately, race officials conducted a surprise blood test on Chris after the race, by the way. Results are pending.) Stephen Peckiconis nabbed the top spot on the 50-59 age group. NETT v 2.0's duo of Not-So-Little Skittles and Alexandra flew over the course in fine form!

Behind the scenes race director Jerry De Zutter put on a great event while NETT folks were all over the course volunteering for a good cause. It was great to see such a good turnout for Jerry's race.

All in all, it was a true NETT family affair. Always good to see. Proud to be a pony.


Frank said...

And James De Zutter Senior not to be forgotten...Nice results all around

Karyn said...

I totally forgot about Pipstave. Nice job!