Monday, June 09, 2008

Coyotes take to the trails at Fitchburg (yes, I said Fitchburg), Lincoln, etc.

At the NMC Overlook 7 Mile Trail Race in Fitchburg Sunday, Crazy Dave and Jack Burke braved the record-high temps with good results (they finished standing up--that's good result when you're racing in 90-plus temps.)

Out in Fitchburg Sunday, "head for the shade" was the phrase of the day at the Overlook 7 mile race, the fourth race in the Eastern New England Trail Race Series. With legs that felt like tires with the air let out, Dave struggled to a third-place finish in 46:33, while Jack Burke easily achieved his pre-race goal of cracking the hour mark by finishing strong in 59:36. Pretty much all runners gave the race good marks for organization, course variety and marking.

While updated standings aren't yet posted, after four events, it looks like Mr. Young and Crazy Dave should be 1-2 in the standings (by virtue of the fact that no one else has done three races, I think?) Check back here later: Eastern New England Trail Race Standings if you really care at all.

And even the "extended NETT family" had some inspiring performances this weekend. Jean Dany Joachim not only worked to raise some money for charity, but he also posted a BLISTERING 16:18 at the Vision 5K on Saturday in Boston.

And Marshall Randolph won his age group at the Great Lincoln Steeplechase this weekend, finishing 9th overall in 50:19 in that blistering heat. In case you're wondering, his age group is 50-59 and he's at the very tail end of that--he's 59 and finished 9th overall...wowie zowie! That's just plain impressive.

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