Monday, June 02, 2008

In NH Elsa gets going; Tina Wang cranks at Rye

It wasn't just down in Dub-Rox where the NETT action was happening this weekend.
Breaking news into the NETT Newsroom confirm that Elsa Winther, who is SOOO far ahead of the rest of us in the running gene pool, completed her first race this weekend at Mary's Run in Henniker, NH. And, oh, her parents Ben & Cindy completed it as well but really, Elsa is the star here...NETT's News Department has scored these EXCLUSIVE first photos of the future phenom.

And lastly, the Double Duty award this weekend goes to Tina Wang. Not only was she in attendance Sunday at the Corrib race cheerng us on and scooped up a coveted NETT award at the post-race party, but she also managed to finish 4th woman overall and 2nd in her age group at the Rye By the Sea Duathlon on Saturday, finishing in 1:39. Congrats to Tina!


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Frank said...

If she is like her dad I bet she did the first mile in sub 5.