Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NETT ranks in the triathlon world!

For those of you unaware, New England Track & Trail is an officially registered triathlon club, thanks to the efforts of Frank KJ.

While we don't have the masses of numbers that some tri clubs have (although, we've got some names on our tri roster some of you might not know!), we're definitely in the "quality not quantity" realm and it's paying off. With the very strong results at the recent FirmMan race (three men in the top 12, one of the top relay teams), NETT is currently ranked 8th in the FIRM Grand Prix, only a few points behind some much much bigger clubs like Wheelworks.

For those interested in helping our tri team score some points, check in with Frank KJ on which races are included and what it takes to score us some points. (And don't forget--Jerry hosts Tuesday night swims at Walden for the land lubbers looking to try their first tri!)

But rest assured, we're still staying very close to our trail-running roots as well. NETT currently owns the top two spots in the Eastern New England Trail Race Series (note: these standings don't include the Boxford Forest 10K, which Crazy Dave won and Mr. Young was second--that pretty much puts these two guys miles ahead of the rest.

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