Monday, June 30, 2008

Young overcomes more obstacles than usual at Cranmore

First, he gets lost on the warmup before the race resulting in a longer than usual warmup in a torrential downpour. Then he takes a rare wrong turn on one of his patented screaming downhills, costing him as much as 90 very painful seconds. But despite a couple mishaps, Youngstah managed to put finish a very solid 11th place overall (3rd master) at the Cranmore Hill Climb on Sunday.

Now many of you may have taken a wrong turn in a race--but in a hill climb/descent it can be truly devastating (because you have to trudge back up the steep section you just came down!). But Youngstah took it all in stride and extended his lead (I think) in the USATF-NE Mountain Running Series (results/standings are a bit hard to digest here, but looks like he's top master, with Martin Tighe in front of him as a 50 year old.) See photos here.

Nice work Youngstah! Way to represent NETT out there (or NETAT as they like to list us in the results for this thing).

In other racing news, Chris Smith finished 17th overall and fifth master (45:25) while Karen Ringheiser finished second female master at the New Charles River Run in Cambridge in 50:53.


White Mt. Milers said...

There's a good photo of Paul during the rain soaked warmup in the local paper on page 15. To download the paper, go here:

-Paul Kirsch
Cranmore Race Director

Anonymous said...

A "Chris Smith" tidbit for the SOX Fans!!
Worcester Telegram & Gazette:
Rookie pitcher Chris Smith is an interesting newcomer, and not just because he spent six full years in the minors before finally getting to the big leagues. Smith is planning to run the Las Vegas Marathon — his first such race — on Dec. 7; no Red Sox player in recent memory has also been a marathon runner, although some wives have run Boston.