Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NETT puts three in top five, second woman at NMC's Boxford 10K Trail Race

NETTers braved the heat and humidity to dominate the top spots at the North Medford Club's Boxford State Forest 10K, the fifth event in the Eastern New England Trail Race Series.

To give us the details, here's a report from the Hungarian Land Shark himself, Janos:

"The NETT group had a decent showing with 4 of us there, although we were outnumbered by the North Medford and GAC clubs. The North Medford club has to have the oldest members of any running club I’ve ever seen, as well as the lowest entry fees of $5. Since this was my first race wearing the NETT singlet I wanted to have a good showing. Crazy Dave ran a conservative race and got another win, Paul Young captured 2nd, and I got 5th place. Just to show how memory fades, I thought I had run this same race about 7 years ago, and I remember it being fairly flat with some technical running due to rocks. I looked it up and it was actually 13 years ago! In 1995 it was a 7.5 mile race that I ran in 51:15 (7:04 pace) good for 11th place out of 44. Yesterday the course was 6.3 miles in 47:12 (7:30) for 5th place out of about 25 runners. I found that the course had more little rolling hills than I had remembered, and I was feeling pretty tired running up and down them by the end of the course. The entire race was run “inside an oven” of probably 85 degree heat and high humidity despite starting past 6:30 p.m."

Janos was kind enough to host NETT members to a post-race BBQ at his house. All in all, about as much fun as a runner can have in that much heat!!

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Anonymous said...

Janos and Marion,
Thank you both for hosting the post race dinner.

Emily and Paul and Crazy Dave!