Sunday, June 05, 2011

Frank takes to the Sea for the Rye Duathlon

Frank journeyed north this weekend to the Rye-By-the-Sea Duathlon. And here's his report:

"With Black Bear Duathlon sadly canceled this year I decided to race Rye-By-The-Sea Duathlon. It a great scenic course and very well run event. The 3M run leg starts out with 1M on the roads, then 1.2M on trails in a small wood and finally 0.8 on dirt road. I had a solid first run leg coming in to T1 in 6th place. The first 5M were right into the wind but luckily with a slight downhill. I could, however, not match the strong cyclists so by the time we turned south on the Ocean Rd I had dropped down to 9th.

For the next 7 miles the was a strong tailwind and I averaged around 27 mph - that feels pretty cool. Around mile 9 I had a scary situation as a small terrier came running out from a driveway in front of me; luckily for me it decided to simply just stand still in the middle of the road. The last 4 miles were tough as we headed back into the wind and now with a slight uphill so suddenly my speed dropped to more moderate readings. The second run (which is the 1st leg run in reverse) was quite uneventful as I was not able to close the gap to any of the guys in front of me and I myself had a solid gap on the next guys. So I remained 9th overall and with (yet another) 2nd place finish in my age group. A great race on a day with near perfect weather."

Congrats Frank!

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Frank said...

Thanks for hosting the BBQ. I skipped breakfast this morning