Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Molkie Continues his Tour of the New England Classic Trail Races at Greylock

Dave Molk has been on a mission this spring to run what many consider the "classic" New England rrail races and he's doing a great job. So far he's hit Soapstone, 7 Sisters and this weekend he ran the Greylock Half Marathon (Greylock Gallop to some of us old timers). Here's Molkie's reoprt:

"I ran this one strong and am feeling better on the hills (singular in this case). After losing a shoe in the first mud pile (literally the instant we hit the single-track), I regrouped, re-shoed, and began the climb, hiking a few parts but keeping a run for most of it. I felt great on the downhills but was a little overzealous in hammering them, as my right calf started twitching towards the end (though I didn't know how much was left). Scary moment for a borderline cramp, as well as the first I've had in my leg. Thankfully it didn't seize or buckle and I didn't lose any spots, although I gave up trying to reel people in. I finished maybe 3/4 of a mile later in 24th, spent but satisfied."

Congrats Molkie. Great to see you touring the classics.

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