Saturday, June 25, 2011

Report from NETT North (WAY NORTH)

The NETT news room got a report recently from our furthest North (and Western) member, Liz who's gone to live out in the wilds of Manitoba among the woodland creatures. Apparently, she's already getting to know some of the "locals." Here's her report:

"So the other day I had a crazy run and I knew NETT would appreciate it. I was running on our island trail, which on average takes me 21 minutes, so I don't know how long it is because it's a trail, but my guess is 2.5 miles at the most. However all of that doesn't really matter, I was out the other night before dinner and I was only planning on doing one lap, and I was just coming to the last turn on the trail when I spotted a bear! Now I knew a bear had been spotted a couple of times so I wasn't surprised I saw it. I made some noise and it got scared, but instead of running into the woods it ran up a tree, and not any tree but one I needed to run under!

So I stood there for a bit weighing my options, trying to decide if I should A) run under the tree with the bear in it, B) wait for it to come out of the tree and continue or C) turn around and run two laps. I decided my safest bet was to turn around and run a second lap and I was still on time for dinner. Oh the adventures of trail running up here."

Good Choice Liz!

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