Saturday, June 25, 2011

Report from NETT North (WAY NORTH)

The NETT news room got a report recently from our furthest North (and Western) member, Liz who's gone to live out in the wilds of Manitoba among the woodland creatures. Apparently, she's already getting to know some of the "locals." Here's her report:

"So the other day I had a crazy run and I knew NETT would appreciate it. I was running on our island trail, which on average takes me 21 minutes, so I don't know how long it is because it's a trail, but my guess is 2.5 miles at the most. However all of that doesn't really matter, I was out the other night before dinner and I was only planning on doing one lap, and I was just coming to the last turn on the trail when I spotted a bear! Now I knew a bear had been spotted a couple of times so I wasn't surprised I saw it. I made some noise and it got scared, but instead of running into the woods it ran up a tree, and not any tree but one I needed to run under!

So I stood there for a bit weighing my options, trying to decide if I should A) run under the tree with the bear in it, B) wait for it to come out of the tree and continue or C) turn around and run two laps. I decided my safest bet was to turn around and run a second lap and I was still on time for dinner. Oh the adventures of trail running up here."

Good Choice Liz!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Molkie Continues his Tour of the New England Classic Trail Races at Greylock

Dave Molk has been on a mission this spring to run what many consider the "classic" New England rrail races and he's doing a great job. So far he's hit Soapstone, 7 Sisters and this weekend he ran the Greylock Half Marathon (Greylock Gallop to some of us old timers). Here's Molkie's reoprt:

"I ran this one strong and am feeling better on the hills (singular in this case). After losing a shoe in the first mud pile (literally the instant we hit the single-track), I regrouped, re-shoed, and began the climb, hiking a few parts but keeping a run for most of it. I felt great on the downhills but was a little overzealous in hammering them, as my right calf started twitching towards the end (though I didn't know how much was left). Scary moment for a borderline cramp, as well as the first I've had in my leg. Thankfully it didn't seize or buckle and I didn't lose any spots, although I gave up trying to reel people in. I finished maybe 3/4 of a mile later in 24th, spent but satisfied."

Congrats Molkie. Great to see you touring the classics.

Monday, June 20, 2011

NETT Relay Team Wins the Big Take at the Big Lake!

Well, you gotta give Frank credit for not shying away from a challenge. At Sudbury, it was the Battle of the Dynasties, relay team vs. relay team. This week, it was the Big Take at the Big Lake at the Webster Triathlon, where Frank -- solo -- challenged the relay team of Nicholas (swim), Bruce (bike) and Crazy Dave (run).

Frank headed off in the first wave, and three minutes back, Nicholas hit the water. As the results show, Nicholas was about 13 seconds faster than Frank, so it was close. But then, the rules worked against the Great Dane. The organizers at the last minute allowed relay teams' runner to run the chip up the 200 meters from the beach to the first transition area which was a big advantage for team Nicholas. They put a minute on Frank there (closing the head-start he got going in the first wave to about two minutes).

On the bike, Bruce surprised himself and threw down a 34:29 to Frank's 34:02, keeping Team Nicholas' about a minute ahead (and only two minutes back physically). "I have to say I was very impressed with Bruce's bike split, especially given the hilly course," Frank said.

On the run, Crazy Dave set out about 2 minutes after Frank and got a glimpse of Frank at the turn around. "Frrrannkk....I'm commminnning Frank!" Dave caught Frank with about 300 meters to go on the run and the two came in stride for stride to the finish.

At the end of the day, Frank deserves big credit for organizing everyone and putting in a great effort. He was 11th overall and first in his division.

Team Nicholas ran away with the relay team crown, finishing more than 2:30 ahead of the next team. It was a lot of fun.

"Another successful day for NETT in a multisport race," Frank summed it up.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick Recap of Lincoln Steeplechase, Exeter Trail Race

Several NETT members hit the trails this weekend. On Sunday it was the Lincoln Steeplechase 6.7 mile trail run on our "home turf." Here's the news from Frank:

"I haven't seen the results yet but as I recall Chris Smith ran 41:50 for 6th overall, I was 44:40 for 15th, Dave Molk ran with a friend in 47-48, and Marshall was 48 and change. Marshall won his age group, but by mistake they gave it to someone else. They probably didn't think anyone over 60 could run under 50 minutes on that course! (NETT pal and multiple winner of the Thomas Chamberas 6K Race) Ryan Carera won in 38:32 or something like that actually quite a lot of runners considering the weather. Paul Young, Tina and Emma were on hand to cheer. My wet muddy shoes are on the porch optimistically waiting for the sun to return."

Thanks Frank. Dave Molk's run at Lincoln was actually his second of the day! Earlier on Sunday, he was up in Exeter, NH for The Exeter Trail Races . Here's his report:

"I felt really strong on this one. It was cold and wet (read slippery, especially the wooden bridges) but I went out hard and basically stayed in 13th for most of the race. I tucked behind a guy I thought was Scott Livingston from the Shenipsit Striders (who I know is fast) and passed a guy with him towards the end but couldn't get past him too. After finishing 12th, I discovered that the guy I was behind was in fact not Scott, but had still beaten me in other races this season, so still fast.

The Lincoln Steeple Chase got a bit uncomfortable after 15 minutes or so but my friend and I gritted it out. Chris and Frank both looked good (at least at the start, as I didn't see them after that. Marshall was a class act as always. Strong cheering by Paul, Tina, and Emma."

Great show of support out there folks!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Martin's Mooseman Report

Here is my Mooseman 2011 International Distance race report.

First the pros: It was a beautiful day, cool - water temps high 50s-low 60s. The course was well laid-out and marked - overall, a very professional event.

The cons: It is an Iron Man event so they could care less about the International distance. They still have not posted the results for the race even though using the exact same timing system, they were able to post the results for the 1/2 iron man race as the race was happening. Also, they only worked to accommodate the 1/2 Iron so the bike course was long by 2.5+ miles - that favored the heavy bikers which had me at a bit of a disadvantage.

Overall, I would have to say that it was a good International-distance season opener. The swim went well - I got out of the water 4th in my division - there was a pro that I didn't even see and who beat us all by a lot. I got out of the water right with the next two guys who beat me in the swim and made it out of the transition before them. The bike course was really hilly and I am still a little twitchy on downhills from my incident last summer so I gave up a little time there. Also, it was a long bike course - 27.5+ Miles so all of the heavy bikers got a good advantage out there. Coming out of the bike transition, I passed two people immediately and began hunting down others. The leader was flying as was a guy from the 40+ age group. I was able to hunt down one other runner before the finish to cross the tape 7th.

The IronMan folks still have not posted the international results 3 days after the event - someone literally photographed them and posted them to flickr, which is where I have figured out my overalls. I ended up 10th over all in the swim, 49th overall in the bike and 1st in the run(maybe - I still have not seen them because work blocks flickr). That was good for 2nd in my age group and 13th over all for a time of 2:22. I wish that I would have done a bit better and broken top 10 over all but it was a great race nonetheless.

(Lincoln's Proud of his Dad!)

Here are the "results"

Here is the context:;

Sunday, June 05, 2011

NETT Continues the Summer Tradition at the Corrib Classic 5K

The NETT Mini Ponies kicked off the summer racing season in what's become an annual tradition by racing the Corrib Classic 5K in West Roxbury.

It was a great day, with some strong performances. On the men's side, Crazy Dave and Chris Smith took 1-2 in the master's race, (4th and 7th overall). It was a particularly impressive run for Chris, given he ran the Rhody 5K earlier in the day, as did Steve Peckiconis, who took fourth in his age group. (How do these guys DO it?)

On the ladies' side, Adrienne and Tina outdid Dave and Chris by finishing 4th and 6th in the women's field, Tina the first master. Also, the speedwork has been paying off for Doris, who had a strong run on a hot day, and NETT pals Victoria ran well with Alissa's pacing help.

After the race, it was back to Doris and Dave's for the annual post-race cookout, with a long list of NETT members and pals and some surprise guests!

Frank takes to the Sea for the Rye Duathlon

Frank journeyed north this weekend to the Rye-By-the-Sea Duathlon. And here's his report:

"With Black Bear Duathlon sadly canceled this year I decided to race Rye-By-The-Sea Duathlon. It a great scenic course and very well run event. The 3M run leg starts out with 1M on the roads, then 1.2M on trails in a small wood and finally 0.8 on dirt road. I had a solid first run leg coming in to T1 in 6th place. The first 5M were right into the wind but luckily with a slight downhill. I could, however, not match the strong cyclists so by the time we turned south on the Ocean Rd I had dropped down to 9th.

For the next 7 miles the was a strong tailwind and I averaged around 27 mph - that feels pretty cool. Around mile 9 I had a scary situation as a small terrier came running out from a driveway in front of me; luckily for me it decided to simply just stand still in the middle of the road. The last 4 miles were tough as we headed back into the wind and now with a slight uphill so suddenly my speed dropped to more moderate readings. The second run (which is the 1st leg run in reverse) was quite uneventful as I was not able to close the gap to any of the guys in front of me and I myself had a solid gap on the next guys. So I remained 9th overall and with (yet another) 2nd place finish in my age group. A great race on a day with near perfect weather."

Congrats Frank!