Monday, August 27, 2007

Frank KJ CLEARED of controversey at Cranberry Country Tri

A race report from Frank KJ on Cranberry Country Tri:

Okay before you all start to harrass me for getting a penalty at Cranberry let me state: I never drafted and I was surprised to find out when I saw the results last night for the Cranberry Country Triathlon.

I saw the officials around mile 3 during the race as I had just caught up to a group of people. At that time I was not able to pass (unless I crossed the double-line in front of the official) so I stayed 4-5 bike lengths behind. As I moved up to pass I realized there was a turn so to stay safe I immediately dropped back to 4-5 bike lengths again. At no time was I in violation. Right after the turn I easily passed the group and never saw them again. I sent an email to USAT last night; not that I think it will change anything.

UPDATE (as of Monday AM): I just got an email from the USAT referee. I am cleared of drafting and my honor has been restored! Here's what they said:

"From the results website it appears your number was 148. You were penalized for 5.10f - Position. This section of the competitive rules indicates athletes must ride to the right unless not safe to do so or when passing. The write up indicates that around mile 2 you rode on the left of the course for 22 seconds when the road was clear and in good condition to your right."

Other than that I had a good race. Solid swim (thanks to our Walden Pond swims), solid run (thanks to a cooperating stomach) and a so-so bike (my gluteus/piriformis came back around halfway and probably cost me about 1 min). I rode this course 1.5 min faster back in 2003 and ran 1.5 min faster as well. That's what happens when you turn 40!

Jerry The Tick's Response to the controversey:

Oh, so you're the guy I'm always having to yell, "on
your left!!" at to try and get you to move over.
They've got your number, next time they are going to
get you for dropping an empty gu pack.


Dave Guertin completed the event without any controversey, finishing 114th out of the field of close to 600, capping off a very strong rookie season for Dave.

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