Thursday, August 02, 2007

NETT Dominates the Lynn Woods Duathlon

NETT targeted the Lynn Woods Duathlon on Wednesday with great results, putting 4 guys in the top 6 and winning the top ladies spot.

In the men's race, Dmitry Drozdov outdueled teammate John Kinnee in a classic runner vs. biker competition. After the first run, Dmitry was out in front (paced nicely by Jim Pawlicki in the 2.5 mile race), with Crazy Dave and John Kinnee next into T1 and Dmitry Shirokov not far off. On the bikes, John ripped it up as expected and came into T2 in the lead with Dmitry D not far back (although he was on a "machine" worth more than most of our cars). Dmitry S had a great bike and came into T2 ahead of Crazy Dave. Second run--no surprises. Dmitry D cranked it up and came home in 51:28 for the win. John was less than a minute back in 52:18. Crazy Dave stopped the clock at 57:19 for fifth place and Dmitry S just one spot back slipping in just under 59 minutes.

Jennifer's report is short and simple: "I was the first female, in no small part, due to the fact that there were almost no other women in the race)." But she's being modest about her mtn biking skills. keep in mind, this was only a few days after she ran the Jay Challenge 50K 8 hour something insane race. Most of us couldn't go to the bathroom on our own after a race like that, but she's out there racing only days later. Kudos!

Official results are posted on Here's a snippet (note transitionas aren't broken out, so guys not wearing bike shoes--like Crazy Dave--have slightly faster second run times probably).

Duathlon (2.5 Mile Run/5.5 Mile Bike/2.5 Mile Run
1. Dmitri Drozdov 14:11 22:26 14:51 51:28
2. John Kinne 14:44 21:27 15:58 52:09
3. Chris Smith 15:30 22:00 17:29 54:59
4. Dennis Floyd 15:08 23:25 18:17 56:50
5. Dave Hannon 14:44 27:16 15:19 57:19
6. Dmitri Shirokov 16:40 24:04 18:14 58:58
7. Sal Genovese 17:20 23:24 18:47 59:31
8. Michael Urquiola 17:11 26:03 18:55 62:09
9. Bill Morse 17:59 26:50 19:09 63:58
10. Josh Antrim 17:49 30:41 17:05 65:35
11. Paul Copeland 17:20 29:34 19:37 66:31
12. Paul Hennesssey 20:06 27:43 18:52 66:41
13. Jenn Shultis 19:13 26:22 21:34 67:09 1. Female

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