Thursday, August 09, 2007

Miller 1st, Toledo 7 at Central NH Cycling Race

Paul Miller continued his summer of splendour on the bike winning his category in the Central New Hampsire Road Race in Bow, NH last weekend, while Toledo Joe finished a very strong 7th place.

Here's Paul's report on the race:

"It was really hilly, with one and a half long hills at the beginning of each lap which made it good for breaking up the field.

Right from the get-go Joe and I set a pace that reduced the field to 4.

At the beginning of lap two I reduced it to just one guy who got back on my wheel on the downhill --- unfortunately it wasn't Joe. I kept trying to shake him on each rolling hill the next time, then at the beginning of the long hill next time round I dropped him to ride the final lap alone.

Joe, after timetrialing about 2 laps alone got caught by a group and had to race it out with them, getting 7th."

Great work guys!

Photo courtesy of Velocity Results?

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