Monday, August 13, 2007

NETT puts two in the top 10 at HERC Open

DimaD and Crazy Dave cracked the top 10 overall (and top five in their respective categories) at the Herc Open Speed Hiking Competition in Sugarbush, Vt. this weekend.

The unique race did not have a male/female scoring system to determine winners of the $25,000 cash prizes, but rather split competitors by weight--Over and under 60 Kg. Dima was in the over and Dave in the under. The race course itself was extremely difficult--6,600 feet of elevation gain in about 15 miles, all on the donwhill ski trails of Sugarbush (topping out at more than 4,000 ft at the top of Lincoln Peak).

Dima ran strong from the get-go putting in a steady effort on the uphills and making up some ground on the stacked field during the long downhills. Not surprisingly, Dave did just about hte opposite and would catch Dima on some of the steep uphills (as steep as 70% grade!) and then watch him pull away on downhills.

Dima held on to finish 4th in the over 60Kg category in 2:27:41. Dave was in the mix until a total physical meltdown (legs cramped up) on the last uphill and managed to stagger to the line in 2:32:59 good for 5th place in the skinnies category.

Friend of NETT Tricia Grenier finished 15th in her category in the short loop race.

Jennifer S also started the race, but got wise quickly and pulled out of it. I bet she can walk down stairs today!

CLICK HERE to watch a video news report on the race, including an interview with winner Paul Low.

There's some race photos here.Look for more photos HERE!

The race was somewhat controversial in the decision to award money based solely on weight class and not gender. Read THIS ONLY FORUM DEBATE will show you). Also See Scott Livingston's BLOG with his distaste for the race prize structures along with comments from some of the women in the race.

If it helps put things in perspective, when you look at the results of the top 12 without weight class, here's where they fall (O=Over 60Kg, U=Under 60Kg)

O1 Paul Low Belchertown MA 405 33 2:05:39.0 7:51/M
U1 Ben Nephew Mansfield MA 15 32 2:21:31.9 8:51/M
U2 David Vona Valatie NY 22 25 2:22:05.4 8:53/M
U3 Dan Verrington Bradford MA 4 45 2:25:39.7 9:06/M
O2 Eric Morse Berlin VT 466 42 2:26:38.8 9:10/M
O3 Mark Churchill Morrisville VT 455 32 2:27:34.4 9:13/M
O4 Dmitry Drozdov Waltham MA 468 35 2:27:41.6 9:14/M
U4 Cliff Lentz Brisbane CA 8 42 2:29:20.0 9:20/M
U5 Dave Hannon West Roxbury MA 38 36 2:32:59.3 9:34/M
O5 James Sweeney Albany NY 448 26 2:33:48.7 9:37/M
U6 Jack Pilla Charlotte VT 27 49 2:35:29.5 9:43/M
O6 Eli Enman Huntington VT 450 30 2:42:51.5 10:11/M

Here's a review of the race in the Montpelier Times Argus.
And to make sure their weekend was complete, Dmitry and Jennifer spent Sunday at the Xterra Triathlon up in Hanover NH, with Dmitry 23rd and Jennifer 52nd.

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